Jason Fleming President

        High Fidelity Cannabis Co. was started by Jason and a team of entertainment professionals with a passion for cannabis.  

        Originally From New Jersey Jason made his way out to California settling in the bay area in the mid 90's . At the forefront of prop 215 Jason was part of the CHAMP community one of California's first medical dispensaries. During his internship at Hyde Street studios in San Francisco he was given a job at the dispensary to help make ends meet. "I was the delivery boy. At first I thought I had the best job in the place" but Jason was quickly reminded why cannabis was the solution to so many medical issues after running a program to provide cannabis to patients at the hospice ward at SF general hospital. After his internship Jason moved to Los Angeles to work at the studio in the Sunset Marquis hotel he was quickly promoted to chief engineer. During his time there he became project manager for a multi million dollar remodel of the studio space and rebranding to Night Bird Studios. 

        Jason now runs daily operations overseeing grow, manufacturing and distribution. As a accomplished audio engineer Jason works close with artist developing new strains to aid in their medicinal uses along side the use to enhance the creative process. 

        Featured on Vice news tonight to advocate for the small time grower Jason has become an political figure raising awareness to the gentrification in the Oakland cannabis community. 

        Jason is a platinum certified audio engineer with strong roots in the music industry giving him the understanding of how to develop brands for accomplished recording artist and industry professionals.